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basketball friendship match

in order to enrich the recreation and sports life for the staff, give full play to the staff team spirit of collaboration, strengthen enterprise cohesion and sense of pride between the staff, strengthen the communication with the external units, the company communist youth league organizated the rich and colorful cultural and sports activities.
      on the afternnon of december 1, the company communist youth league organized the company’s basketball players and held a basketball match with shenyang hongyao (anhui) pharmaceutical limited company with the result of 55:28 in our company’s favor.

on december 8, the company youth league and the bozhou vocational and technical college team held a basketball friendship match in the company court. in the first section gyt team lost the match by 8:18 to the career technical college team, but the players were not discouraged, from the second section onwards, they adjusted the playing way and thought.
      after a fierce competition, finally two teams draw by 52:52. the highlight of this tournament is that the players has fully demonstrated the spirit of hard work of gyt staff and in the race they fully sweat, show themselves, and the team spirit of bravely winning the championship is worth learning from for all the players in the court. the players showed the spirit of friendship first, competition second with good style and high level.

in future, the company will continue to take enriching the the recreation and sports life for the staff as the aim, promote the physical and mental health for the staff, hold more and better rich and colorful cultural and sports activities and fill the company enterprise culture construction.