group overview -uefa欧洲杯

anhui guangyintang chinese medicine co.,ltd was founded in july, 2000. it is a collection of industry and trade, production and research as one of the modern pharmaceutical joint-stock group with 6 subsidiary corporations and 2 outside offices. the company registered capital is 54,500,000 yuan, and the total assets is 950 million yuan. the company has 400 formal employees, among whom the college degree or above account for 60% and the middle and senior titles account for 15%.he company's main business: traditional chinese medicine (preparation and extraction), pieces of chinese medicine,health protecting food , the production and sales of the plant beverage, the chinese medicinal herbs standardization research and gap standardized planting, electronic business and the import and export business.our company’s modern chinese medicine industrial park: a total investment of 300 million yuan, the planned construction area of 90 thousand square meters, 6 would-be-built standardized production workshops, warehousing logistics base of 30 thousand square meters, r & d center and logistics service facilities. it is planned to produce five series of products, that is, chinese herbal medicine, herbal extracts, herbal preparation, functional health beverage, medical equipment with annual production of 5 thousand tons chinese herbal medicine, 10000 tons herbal extracts, 20 million functional health beverage(wong lo kat)and 80 thousand boxes herbal preparations. in 2013 we realized the sales revenue for 1.3 billion yuan (including: import and export for 66 million u. s. dollars), 0.11 billion yuan in profits.

good results for the innovation of science and technology: our company has the cooperative relationship with the research institutions like anhui pharmaceutical institute, anhui academy of agricultural sciences, anhui normal university, nanjing pharmaceutical university, and has the construction of "anhui chinese daily chemical product engineering technology research center", "functional food research and development center" and the "chinese herbal medicine processing test base". the annual r & d research costs have reached more than 40 million yuan, with 38 cumulative developed new products and new technology, 8 provincial and municipal research projects and a number of national patents.

the notable brand has been established with normative authentication: the company took the lead through the gmp / gsp / gap certification in the same profession, iso9000-2008 international quality system certification, and has been identified as anhui high-tech enterprises, anhui provincial innovative pilot enterprises and the agricultural industry provincial leading enterprises. our company has been named " china’s one of the ten strong enterprises in the chinese medicine yinpian export " anhui province credit enterprise, anhui province ten well-known manufacturers, anhui top 100 private enterprises and bozhou top 50 enterprises. for 4 consecutive years our company has ranked among the national top three of chinese herbal medicine yinpian export with 2012, 2013 ranking first in the country.

gyt was named anhui province famous trademark, the brand “guangyintang” of chinese herbal medicine was awarded anhui famous brand product.

president gao guangyin was elected as the member of ten session and eleven session of anhui province cppcc, won the glorious title of anhui province model worker and was named one of the ten influential men in the field of traditional chinese medicine export, anhui province outstanding private entrepreneur, province ankang entrepreneur, the leading figure of anhui province strategic emerging industry technology and among the 2012 bozhou ten news figures.

our developing vision: we take the traditional chinese medicine industry as the pillar, the health prevention and health care food as the development key, open up the two international and domestic markets, having r & d, production, sales, logistics and import and export as one creating the famous brand of domestic first-class, internationally famous traditional chinese medicine and health products and promote the company’s successfully being listed.

we are crossing our summit with firm strides. gyt will be hand in hand with all the friends with open mind working together for the great cause of “carrying forward the traditional chinese medicine and benefiting human health".