president speech -uefa欧洲杯

in ancient times, shennong tasted a variety of herbal medicines
in modern times, i would like to trek in the field of chinese medicine

traditional chinese medicine is one of the treasures of chinese civilization. in ancient times "medicine food homology" was orientation and exploration to chinese medicine. today in the 21st century, chinese medicine increasingly demonstrates its magical effect and unique charm. we have more responsibility and obligation to continue to carry forwardin the area of traditional chinese medicine to improve the soft power of chinese culture. bozhou, home to the chinese medicine, is currently the largest distributing center of chinese herbal medicines. as a bozhounese, i feel very proud to be engaged in the traditional chinese medicine industry as well as the heavy responsibility.

in the past ten years as one day, we are always upholding the concept "to provide consumers with high quality chinese medicine" in every link, every detail without a tiny slake. it is just because of having this quality assurance that gyt can have today’s brilliance.

business is only a starting point, not the end. guangyintang continues to grow and is tempering itself. looking ahead, we are filled with pride. it will be in three years to create guangyintang into a modern pharmaceutical group having boutique, pharmacognosy purification of chinese medicine, integrated pharmaceutical research and development, production, sales as one.

we always believe in what george merckle, founder of merck co. once said, "medicine is here to save people, not for profit, but the profit will follow. if we can remember this, we should never be without profit. the more clearly we remember, the greater the profit."

in future, we will hold the business philosophy of "people-oriented, health first" ,taking “to promote chinese medicine culture” as the goal with chinese features, being healthy as a fundamental, more stringent norms, more diligent self-motivated, racking our brains, never stopping to pursue, to offer high grade chinese traditional medicine in order to contribute to promoting the development of chinese medicine cause as well as serving human health.

guangyintang's tomorrow will be more brilliant!