enterprise culture -uefa欧洲杯

having profound virtues to requite favors, bearing sincerity to establish a business, braving storm and rain in the field of business for 20 years, favoring accumulation than usage, guangyintang has been upholding the aim of "people-oriented, by morals, honesty and credibility", abiding by the gyt spirit of "honorific to superior, kind to subordinate, on good terms with others, earnest to business", devoted to the great cause of "carrying forward the traditional chinese medicine, benefiting human health", creating a miracle in gyt developing history. in 2013 we realized the sales revenue for 1.3 billion yuan (including: import and export for 66 million u. s. dollars), 0.11 billion yuan in profits.the company has 400 formal employees, among whom the college degree or above account for 60% and the middle and senior titles account for 15%. it is planned to produce five series of products, that is, chinese herbal medicine, herbal extracts, herbal preparation, functional health beverage, medical equipment.

respect and treasure talentd people. the company is undertaking great-leap-forward development, introducing, training and creating a large number of talents with different ability levels. in various positions, they dedicate youth and wisdom and play an irreplaceable role in enhancing the innovation ability and the management level. in recent years, the company has introduced 5 people with dr.'s degree, 10 people with master's degree and a large number of people with specialized subjects to enrich the scientific research, production, and management positions. meanwhile, we focus on training qualified personnels and encourage them to be successful in their post. with the scientific elite talent team, we ensure the work efficiency significantly improved.

the enterprise is the warm home to staff, with the founding of guangyintang general party branch, regimental committee, trade union, woc, militia battalion and other organizations and the effective running of the organizational life, the employee's spiritual outlook has changed basically. we can see more proactive, progressive staff. we organize speech contests, colorful sports tournament, skills competition, post match and etc. stepping into gyt, you can feel a strong affection and atmosphere of struggling hard.

expend the respect of the aged in one's family to that of other families;expend the love to the young ones in one's family to that of other families. to feed back the society is the source of eternal vitality and the destination of creating wealth for the developemnt of our company. over the years, our company is committed to many social walfare activities such as donation, helping the poor, fighting risks, providing disaster relief, bringing benefits to people with contributions of value more than 500 million yuan. in future, just as what we did in the past, we will be widely devoted to the social benefit of public welfare activities, and do everything we can.

today's guangyintang is hoisting the sails, buffeting its way through the waves, shouldering the banner of chinese medicine leading health preserving course with an unprecedented spurt. and for the chinese dreams for thousands of years, step out of china, make our enterprise bigger and stronger, and facilitate sino-foreign exchange.