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development process

▲in the 90s of last century, company started an undertaking

▲in 2002 may, president gao guangyin and jin xianglong , president of south korean weilu trading corporation, signed an agreement in bozhou to build chinese herbal medicine company

▲in 2004 the first batch of national certification of pieces of chinese medicine production enterprise

▲standardized preparation workshop

▲in 2010, company invested 0.3 billion in industrial park in bozhou to build guangyintang production, r & d, and logistics park

▲according to eu standards pieces fine packaging production workshop in operation

▲in june and july 2011 president gao guangyin with the ministry of commerce delegation accompanied premier wen on a visit to hungary and other countries

▲in september, 2011, anhui guangyintang chinese medicine co. limited new plant completion ceremony

▲in october 2011, the company and north janpan pharmaceutical company, ltd.,japan reached an agreement to jointly establish the japanese han fangyao production base in bozhou

▲《north japan news》headlines news on the economic edition reporting gyt joint venture