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in 2005 the company was among the first to go through the national gsp certification of drug circulation and constructed the marketing network at home and abroad, the gmp standard production and processing plant, gsp standard warehousing logistics center and the authentic chinese herbal medicine supply source throughout the country, thus ensuring the quality, quantity and availability of herbal prescription. the company sales sustained and grew rapidly for 3 consecutive years, amplitude amounting to 30% above, and the products are exported to hong kong, macao, taiwan, korea, japan, russia, southeast asia, the european union and other countries and regions. 2010 sales of 368 million yuan (including exports amounted to 23 million u.s. dollars), a 42,496,000 yuan of profits and taxes. 2011 sales revenue of 516 million yuan (including exports amounting to 27000000 us dollars), profit 62 million yuan, with 2012 sales revenue for 724 million yuan (including import and export for $65 million), and the profit for 88 million yuan. in 2010 company was awarded by the china chamber of commerce one of the "chinese herbal medicine pieces exporting ten strong enterprises". pieces of chinese herbal medicines exporting for two consecutive years ranked third in the country.

our company has collectivized and internationalized with satisfying results. sino-south korea joint venture "anhui guangyintang pharmaceutical co.,ltd" is an earlier sino-foreign joint venture in bozhou, laying a solid foundation for the chinese products into the international market. in 2007 the export value is achieved 5 million dollars, which has a deep significance to bozhou chinese traditional medicine industrial extroversion development. in november, 2011, anhui guangyintang medicine corporation and north janpan pharmaceutical company, ltd., japan has jointly founded guangyintang toyama pharmaceutical (bozhou) company limited", marking that the company and japan's third largest pharmaceutical company will work together for japanese kampo medicine production base to settle in bozhou, china, which has important significance to the introduction of international advanced chinese medicine research and development, production and management technology, promotion of the internationalization of chinese medicine, health bozhou", acceleration of the transformation and upgrading of traditional chinese medicine shares guangyintang, optimization of industrial structure, and the implementation of asset and scale expansion.

at the end of 2011, the company and guangzhou pharmaceutical holdings limited wanglaoji pharmaceutical company signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build bozhou wong lo kat herbal tea soft packing production line. the introduction of the international most advanced production equipment, designed annual output 5 million yuan, the output value of 200 million yuan. the second half of 2012 will put this project into production, filling the gaps of bozhou functional health beverage famous brand, and it also is the diversification strategy for the company brand.

0.19 billion yuan investment in the anhui guangyintang (mount huang) chinese medicine company limited and 100 million yuan in the guangyintang weiyuan medicine company limited has just been put into practice.

the company for foreign trade import and export has leapt the second in the field of chinese herbal medicines pieces.

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