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president gao guangyin was elected as "2012 ten news people"

addtime:jan.18, 2013      source:admin

on the afternoon of january 16, 2013, "2012 ten news people and ten news "awards ceremony was held in bozhou conference center. at 3 p.m., to the music, entrusted by the city's 5,200,000 people, gao guangyin, deng linlin, zhang zhenjiang and other outstanding representatives walked to the podium. the municipal leaders fang chunming, shen qiang, shi xialian, liu zhenhong and other members from six government groups attended and issued the awards.

the ten news people appraisal is the specific practice, aimed at carrying forward the spirit of the medicine capital and transmitting the positive energy of the medicine capital, marked with distinct and vivid characteristics of the times. president gao was honored the award. just as what is said in the presentation speech, one can walk further with a high aim. it is the enterprising and pioneering spirit from president gao that makes gyt a great listing brand.