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acting governor wang xuejun inspected gyt

addtime:may.01, 2013      source:admin

on the morning of april 30, wang xuejun, vice secretary of provincial party committee and acting governor, came to inspect gyt, and president gao received them and accompanied them to visit the  production line of wong jo kat plant beverage. president gao introduced in detail the lile packing fully automatic batching, canned, printing, packing and other international advanced production lines and the output, output value and market situation, and governor wang closely viewed the automated assembly line, thinking highly of gyt high starting point, grand brand consciousness and saying yes to gyt industrial upgrading and development prospects.  in the company’s exhibition hall, governor wang got some details about bozhou chrysanthemum processing and industrialization, encouraging the drug enterprises to adhere to the principle of chinese herbal medicine being authentic, to ensure product quality and to ensure people to medicate safely.

vice governor fang chunming, shao guohe, secretary-general of the provincial government, yang jingnong, secretary of municipal party committee and mayor shen qiang accompanied.