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leaders from jiusan society of wuhu inspected gyt

addtime:may.29, 2013      source:admin

on the afternoon of may 28, chair zhan yunchao from jiusan society of wuhu、zheng yan, a professor from life science college of anhui normal university and their followers inspected gyt, accompanied by chair xu jinglong from jiusan society of bozhou and zhang guofang, vice-chairman of municipal cppcc.

firstly, chair zhan and his followers visited plant beverage, extraction of traditional chinese medicine, pieces of chinese medicine production workshop and quality inspection center, and afterwards a proseminar was held at the conference room of the company on the third floor. the proseminar was carried on on the theme of “anhui province traditional chinese medicine chemical product engineering technology research center”, and a through discussion was carried on around the following: platform construction, upgrading, expanding exchanges and cooperation.

the experts present at the meeting from bozhou science and technology bureau、wuhu science and technology bureau、the universities and gyt r&d centre delivered their opinions from different point of view and they finally reached an consensus on making full use of the advantage resources in the two cities, strengthening exchanges and cooperation, upgrading the function platform building of “research center”, expanding the research space and striving for more projects from the state, and etc.

finally, the chair from both sides expressed that “research centre” would take gyt as the construction platform, life science institute from the anhui normal university as the technical support, make full use of the talent advantage from jiusan society and social resources, and would strive to declare a national research center.

president gao guangyin and general manager wang chen warmly received them and expressed their satisfaction to the expected result about the proseminar.