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name list of the demonstration production line and advanced production line in anhui provincial industrial upgrading

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in september of 2012, the declaration of (wan federation of industrial economics no. 26 <2012>) co-organized by anhui provincial economy and information commission and anhui federation of industrial economics met the active response from the enterprises and provincial and municipal guild. by the way of enterprise reporting, the municipal economy and information commission, the federation of industrial economics and guild recommending. by the end of the declaration in april, 2013, 192 production lines have declared to be eligible in the whole province, and the association organized experts to review and with the comprehensive assessment, “100 model the production lines”  and “73 advanced production lines” were awarded the honor.

the appraising and election activity of the industry upgrading demonstration production line carried out in the whole province  is not only the reveal of the work of the provincial industries taking the strategy for the implementation of industrial grand province as the centre and vigorously strengthening the enterprises technological transformation  but also summarizing  the experience , abstracting advanced types in the industrial upgrading in the whole province, establishing the industry benchmark, leading enterprises to tap the latent power, and promoting scientific and technological innovation and energy-saving emission reduction, promoting the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, and playing an active part in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industrial economy
now is the publicity of 100 demonstration production lines and 73 advanced production lines reviewed in the whole province (with 11 demonstration production lines and 9 advanced production lines for the military units, not among the publicity) listed in and the website of anhui federation of industrial economics( ).

the publicity is from september 16, 2013 to september 26, 2013. if any differing opinions, please contact anhui federation of industrial economics:   0551-62865616;technical  transformation department of anhui provincial economy and information commission: 0551-62871770.
anhui provincial economy and information commission.
anhui federation of industrial economics.

 september 16, 2013