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gyt went against the situation and the trend, having got new heights in 2013

addtime:mar.04, 2014      source:admin

just in the past year, despite of the decline in domestic and international pressure against the economic operation, gyt went against the situation and the trend, having got new heights and overfulfilled the annual target task.

in 2013, the company achieved sales revenues for 1.3 billion yuan (including: import and export for u. s. dollar 66 million ), realizing a profit of 0.1 billion yuan with a breakthrough of the company’s total assets for 900 million yuan.

in the company headquarters, wong lo kat cool tea production line has officially been put into operation with the green box packaging annual output for nearly 0.120 billion boxes and the red cans of annual output for 0.36 billion getting the total output value for 1.2billion yuan. traditional chinese medicine (including extraction and prepared slices) has been through the gmp certification, and yinhuang granules, erythromycin estolate tablets, vc and other 10 varieties have also been put into production.

the workshop for the traditional chinese medicine extraction has achieve the production scale, and is currently increasing production capacity to meet the growing market demand. the quality standards for automatic production line capacity of chinese herbal medicine quantitative small packing have been further improving with the high praise for the brand of guangyintang chinese medicine prepared slices.

the apartment block a and block b have been completed and put into operation, and the high-standard apartments can meet the need of nearly 600 people . 9 new workshops and the warehouses have been put into production, adding the employment staff of 300 people and the new output value 1 billion yuan.

the construction in mount huangshan compnay and weiyuan company has been in smooth progress almost with the completion of infrastructure and production equipment in mount huangshan company applying for gmp certification. weiyuan company has overcome the disadvantages of the cold and icy climate, accelerating the construction progress, and the current infrastructure project has been basically completed and transferred into the next step of the production equipment installation, debugging and certification. according to the plan , the two companies will be put into operation in the first half of the year 2014.

the new spring for gyt has again come. with extraordinary 2013 creating extraordinary achievements, gyt has shown its spirit of  not fearing difficulties, forging ahead in a pioneering spirit and heroic spirit. looking into the future of 2014, gyt is expecting the harvest in sight like a spring breeze, and gyt’s plan has been drawn in the year of horse, speeding up for the list with scale expansion, talents gathering and the spanning development. we have the confidence and the ability to create a brilliant and new chapter for a magnificent gyt!