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special inspection on traditional chinese medicine in gyt

addtime:oct.10, 2015      source:admin

in order to strengthen the quality management of chinese medicinal materials, according to the notice requirements of printing and distributing the work plan of specially rectifying the market of traditional chinese medicinal materials in bozhou, during the five days from october 6th to 10th in 2015, under the guidance of li qiufeng, deputy general manger of the company, the products in the workshops of decoction pieces and the inventory medicinal materials in the warehouses are given a comprehensive inspection. carefully examined by sun chaokui, quality director of the company, the traditional chinese medicinal materials have no problems in their quality. the special inspection ensures the powerful execution of the company’s chinese herbal medicine product quality specifications, which lays a solid foundation for awaiting the unannounced inspection by the national, provincial and municipal food and drug administrations.