xu xiaodong, vice chairman of the provincial federation of trade unions and his followers investigated gyt. -uefa欧洲杯

xu xiaodong, vice chairman of the provincial federation of trade unions and his followers investigated gyt.

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on the afternoon of november 18, 2015, xu xiaodong, vice chairman of the provincial federation of trade unions, and his followers, accompanied by ma qingwu, chairman of the municipal federation of trade unions, investigated gyt. chairman xu paid a visit to traditional chinese medicine extraction workshop, canned beverage workshop and the exhibition hall, getting the idea in detail of the company’s development and the trade union work and thought highly of gyt’s healthy development under the international and domestic economic downturn environment.

at the conference room on the third floor of the company, chairman ma from the municipal federation of trade unions chaired the forum with the responsible people from the departments concerned of the trade unions taking part. chairman xu from the provincial federation of trade unions firstly introduced and gave the attention to the construction of the 14 new industry demonstration zone newly approved by the provincial party committee and provincial government hoping that they can strengthen the enterprises and enlarge the scale by making full use of market leverage, policy support, financial support, through the restructuring, transfer mode, and promoting the upgrading to realize the leading effect of the demonstration areas. the trade unions responsible people from the municipal economic development zone, jiren pharmaceutical industry and gyt delivered the speech about the trade union construction, development ideas and the problems. chairman ma put forward the idea of “five consolidations” about the work of bozhou federation of trade unions in the coming days: unify organizational building of trade unions (non-public enterprises are asked to form trade unions federation), unify the staff quality and skills training (to achieve the optimal allocation of social resources), unify to arrange the labor competition, unify to organize cultural and sports activities, and unify to carry out the helping work.

finally, chairman xu summed up his speech to affirm chairman ma’s five consolidations, thinking that the participants have proposed the very enlightening ideas and suggestions. he delivered five requirements to this research activities and trade union work: firstly, pay full attention to the development of the innovation ability of the staff, putting the ideological work of the staff under the leadership of the party. secondly, guide workers with various active measures to struggle for enterprise development. thirdly, cultivate talents actively. fourthly, try every way to help workers out of poverty. fifthly, combine the regular activities and high quality service to gather the workers to lead a good service platform.