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increase investment, construct green plants and take the road of sustainable development  

in order to realize the sustained and stable development of the company, the company holds the concept of saving, ecological, environmental protection development in the project construction and the enterprise production, combining project construction, production and energy saving and emission reduction, environment protection and by building green plants, making the enterprise progress along the road of being healthy and pollution-free so as to realize the city's harmonious development by means of enterprise economic development and the environment coordination.

the company has invested 300 million yuan in anhui industrial park in bozhou to develop the deep processing projects of new modern chinese traditional medicine, 6 would-be-built standardized production workshops, warehousing logistics base of 30 thousand square meters, r & d center and logistics service facilities. it is planned to produce five series of products, that is, chinese herbal medicine, herbal extracts, herbal preparation, functional health beverage, medical equipment. the project covers an area of 90 thousand square meters. the energy saving and environmental protection project investment are covering the total planned investment 15%, including building energy-saving, green landscape engineering, sewage treatment works, green lighting, solar hot water and etc. in the process of project implementation we fully consider its being scientific and advanced from planning and design, building materials, technology, equipment purchase, the site layout and other aspects, and actively adopt new materials, new technology, for instance, in the extraction of water, we used solar preheat treatment, that is, cold water can be heated to 70 degrees with the processing capacity of 100 tons per day dealing with wastewater treatment by biological contact oxidation process, with the sewage treatment capacity of 300 tons above, and each year we can reduce cod emissions by 15 tons, subtractive nh3 - n emissions of 3.5 tons. with the measures above, our company promotes the company's new modern chinese medicine production projects and emission standards compliance and coordination with the environment.

the company always adheres to the simultaneous development of saving, energy saving, environmental protection and project development, and put the environmental protection in the first place, increase resource integrated utilization rate, to walk along a road of sustainable development.

 on the construction of facilities of environmental protection solar energy engineering

  1. solar lighting project: our company invested 500,000 yuan installing more than 100 solar street lamps.
  2. solar energy hot water treatment works: our company invested more than 1 million yuan to cooperate with hefei meiling environmental protection equipment technology company limited, structuring solar hot water treatment works, and water supply of 80 tons is expected every day.
  3. sewage deep treatment works: the company invested 3 million yuan, daily processing 300 tons of sewage.