public welfare -uefa欧洲杯

to feed back the society is the source of eternal vitality and the destination of creating wealth for the development of our company. over the years, our company is committed to many social walfare activities such as donation, helping the poor, fighting risks, providing disaster relief, bringing benefits to people with contributions of value more than 5 million yuan.we actively participate in many activities in bozhou such as "interpret a dream of entering a university" "knowledge awakens wisdom, and love lights dream" to help the students from poor families, pay attention to those left-behind children, and has received a good social effect.


our company earlier pays for those impoverished village (households) for their pharmacopoeia (seedling), and they can pay back later with the endowment to be part of recovering to give aid to help poor farmers. we implement the management mode "company base farmers research institutes", and "order agriculture". the company signs medicine recycling contract with a total of 7,500 herbalists, and surely keeps our promise with the farmers about the signed recycling contract, and according to the planting plan, our company buys the farmers' chinese crude drugs they have planted in accordance with 10%-15% protection price higher than the market price. we introduce and cultivate more than 10 chinese medicinal polyploid varieties of the salvia miltiorrhiza, campanulaceae, paeonia lactiflora pall, and bo morifolium from china medicine university. in the qiaodong town, the ancient town, and the shibali town we have developed the planting bases already amounting to 11,000 mu,  and have helped more than 3,000 farmers to become rich.

in recent years, the company has paid about 3,400,000 yuan in total for the poor farmers for seedlings and fertilizer, having solved their urgent problems , and was welcomed by the farmers ,especially those in the poor area. only in 2009 the company recycled materials of more than 6,700 tons of medicines, paid 24,860,000 yuan, and the farmers' average income is 2,840 multivariate. after deducting the planting cost 500 yuan per mu,  they increased their average income for 2,340 yuan.

our company insists on carrying out the idea of scientific and technological innovation, develops agricultural bibcock enterprise, and combines helping deficient work with enterprise development. due to the wonderful work, having gained significant economic and social benefits, the company has been awarded many times by the provincial and municipal multiple government departments. in 2007, president gao guangyin was awarded the advanced individual in qiaocheng district for importing and exporting,in march, 2008, he was elected the member of the 10th seession of the provincial cppcc, in may, 2008 he was rated as "one of ten outstanding young persons" in bozhou city,and in april, 2012, he was awarded the honorary title  "model worker in anhui province".

by making the company large and strong, developing the bases, leading the farmers in becoming rich, mr. gao guangyin showed his love to help widows, orphans and those students from poor families, so he was thought highly of by the public, and in 2008 the company was titled the "charity home " by the bozhou municipal civil affairs bureau.


pictures about public welfare activities