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the rapid development of the company cannot do without the strong support of talents and technology. over the years, the company has established a long-term in-depth cooperation with anhui pharmaceutical research institute, anhui academy of agricultural sciences, anhui university of traditional chinese medicine, anhwei normal university, nanjing medical university, guangzhou jinan university, pla institute of aviation medicine,and has reached an agreement on a number of protocols such as the personnel training, new product development, market development and evaluation and the company's development and strategic planning.we work together to build the two big platforms: "anhui chinese daily chemical products technology center" and "functional food research and development center" and traditional chinese medicine processing test base with annual r & d costs for more than 40 million yuan, 38 cumulative development of new products and new technology and assuming 8 provincial and municipal research projects and a number of national patents.

the general situation of scientific research base

our company has built 2 provincial-level technology r & d centers: "functional food research and development center" and "anhui province chinese medicine daily chemical product engineering technology research center". we have 50 research and development staff , including 1 doctoral, 2 master's with the average background of college and above. we have built 6 core laboratories, 1 pilot laboratory, having become an important base for enterprise technology innovation, personnel training and transformation.

the laboratory construction

laboratory area in use is 1985 square metres, being-built area 2978 square metres with more than 30 sets of high-grade key apparatus.
1. pharmacognosy laboratory: responsible for chinese herbal medicine research on genetic breeding, cultivation, processing technology and other aspects.
2. raw materials laboratory: responsible for raw material preparation process research with the main research direction for the extraction and purification processm of the traditional chinese medicine and natural products and the structural modification of natural products, and etc.
3. preparation laboratory: responsible for research for the preparation of products.
4. function laboratory: responsible for product function test and research.
5. daily chemical lab: responsible for the development and application of traditional chinese medicine products, traditional chinese medicine products quality standard of traditional chinese medicine, daily chemical product efficacy evaluation, which can be used for daily chemical products chinese medicine effective component extraction ,separation and identification.
6. analysis and testing laboratory: overall responsible for s analysis and testing during r&d, and the studies on quality standard.
7. pilot laboratory: responsible for production process of small scale products of the mature products and pilot products process research.