scientific research achievements -uefa欧洲杯

nearly three years our company has 43 patents, among which are 7 invention patents, 20 authorized utility model, 16 authorized appearance design and 6 invention patent applications. 20% of the company's annual profit are put into the r & d projects, and currently our company has 1 modern enterprise technology center, which has high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, infrared detector, mass spectrum detector, atomic absorption detector, microbial cultivation box and other advanced instrument equipments. "the new variety salvia miltiorrhiza d-68 standardized planting technology research in bozhou"was awarded anhui province science and technology research certificate. "lutein" won the title of the new product in anhui province. "peony pieces" was made the foreign trade industry standard by ministry of commerce of the people's republic of china, and the brand "guangyintang"chinese herbal medicine was awarded anhui famous product.

by the end of 2014, it is planned to develop 10 new products, including 5 new products for the realization of the industrialization, 10 invention patents, new product sales revenue will reach 0.1 billion yuan per year, accounting for more than 50% of the entire product sales ratio. by the end of 2024, a total of 35 new products will have been developed, 30 chinese invention patents, 5 international patent applications, 1 new post doctoral research station, realizing the medium-term goal of the enterprise technology center built into the of state-level technology center.

the center won the title of the provincial level and above famous product 1, 1 famous trademark.

scientific research achievements
study and industrialization of traditional chinese medicine formula granules membrane bio fermentation technology to produce edible fungus polysaccharide
boguang system health care products development and marketing network platform construction
invention patent
a chinese medicine for the treatment of urinary tract infection and its preparation method isatis root extract and its preparation method
a method of ginsenoside extracts which is rich in high content f2 protopanaxadiol saponins from ginseng root mixture and preparation method for the treatment of atherosclerosis
expansion method for shaping jujubes application of schizonepeta glycol for preparing medicine for treating high blood pressure
a biologically active bacteria meat and preparation method thereof  
portable packaging bag (vinegar) gift packaging box (health pieces)
packing box (rhodiola) portable packaging bag (gyt chinese medicine)
packing box(salvia miltiorrhiza) packaging box (three seven)
packaging box (saussurea involucrata) packaging box (folium apocyni veneti)
gift packing box packaging box (ginseng leaf)
the utility model
an anti cutting tool cutting delivery device bagging apparatus annular medicine clamping structure
capsule mixing device with shaking type base stir frying device manual discharging device
a multistage material separating sieve a conveyor type efficient multi-stage sieving device of traditional chinese medicine
discharging mechanism for capsule filling machine a drum type water circulation herbs efficient washing device
a capsule filling machine discharging device with sterile packaging worktable of a medicine
a sterilization device used for containing the drug product feeding mechanism used for cutting delivery device
a capsule mixing device use tank an automatic cutting machine
a drum type medicine efficient washing device a stir frying device
the press plate of a kind of chinese traditional medicine press device a chinese medicinal material press scraping brush
a chinese herbal medicine pressing device pelletizer roll for a pill granulation device
science and technology research and development
study and industrialization of traditional chinese medicine formula granules the new variety salvia miltiorrhiza d-68 standardized planting technology research and popularization in bozhou
radix isatidis model extract and its preparation method