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the company's rapid development is inseparable from the strong support of scientific and technological personnel. over the years, the company has established deep and long-term relationship with drug research institute, anhui academy of agricultural sciences, anhui university of traditional chinese medicine, anhwei normal university, nanjing medical university, guangzhou jinan university, chinese people's liberation army institute of aviation medicine. we have reached a number of agreements on personnel training, new product research and development, market development and evaluation, the development of strategic planning and built up two major scientific research platforms "anhui chinese traditional medicine products technology center" and "functional food development center" , and also the chinese herbal medicine processing bases in the trial, accumulative total developing items new technology 38, to assuming the provincial, city research projects 8, and accessing to a number of national patents.

technical cooperation
functional food development center extraction technology of a new type of bo glucosides of peony
anhui province traditional chinese medicine products engineering technology research center bozhou modern chinese medicine export innovation base
bo chrysanthemum germplasm optimization and standardized planting key technology research and demonstration of the homology of medicine and food solid beverage
projects in research
bo chrysanthemum germplasm optimization and planting promotion chinese medicine capsule huo puanti-flu research and industrialization
research and industrialization of chinese traditional medicine babu agent research and industrialization of chinese medicine qizi antiphlogistic granule